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YAY!!! i turned 20 today and im making the most of it!!!!!
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yay!! thanks for all the support from all of you guys!

no updates for a long time, but im just very busy with other things like uni and all the coursework. and i had one unexpected trip to Poland last days. its all really happening in a wrong time, but thats life. anyway. i will try to do some work around here but it might not be photographs but some stories that i have been working on lately or animations :D

thanks again. and Happy Christmas!!!

xo xo P.
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hey everyone :) i wasnt updating my journal for a long time due to lack of time and laziness :) but now im back n i promise i will do it more often.

what's changed in my life?? hmmmm...
lots of things. im a student now and im enjoying it so much. i moved out as i metioned it in my last entry. im also trying to take my photography skills to the next level. im trying new ways to shot portraits and i also got really interested in fashion photography and black and white photography. i hope these new interests of mine will produce great photographs and then i'll upload them here.

london is such a big city n !wow! i love it :)

lastly i just wanna say big thanks for all the recent favs and all the support from you ;-)

xo xo ;-)
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just wanna say thank you for the support, all the favourites and most of all for 1,000 pageviews!!!

I will be moving next week to London. I am really happy about it and can't wait to start Uni in September. Too bad summer is almost finished but that doesn't stop me from photo sessions. I've got 2 planed so far and hope the weather will be good cos otherwise there will be none new photos. I also wanted to tell you that I am trying to organise a set for a photo shoot that I'll be the star of :) See you soon and once again thanks for the support :)
hey. i passed my A Levels exams and got a place at uni i wanted to go to!!! im so happy!!!
my holidays are finished!!! they were great but i left some things not the way i wanted to... but lets hope that i sort them out in the nearest future. i took lots of photographs and still frames in my mind :) lots of photo sessions and now that i have internet i will upload them as soon as i can :) so be patient cos there are lots of them :) kisses and wish me luck on my results day, 14th of august :(
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so ive finished my A Level exams!! i think they went well but we'll see the results on 14th of August ;/ anyway on 30th June im going to Poland for 5 weeks :) i'll finally see my friends. i miss them so much!!! expect many new photographs during that time, as we planned many sessions. mostly portraiture but that's what i wanna experiment and be good at :) first session on monday!!

anyway, until then Ive still got The End of Year Party on thursday and I'll see some of you there ;-* >>>>> I don' know what to wear though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Don't have time to go out and take some photographs and don't have models to do some portraits ;/ But I added some photos from Chelsea Flower Show I went to. It was amazing and I loved it there :) anyway wish me luck with exams and my art coursework ;/ thanks for the favs and all the views.
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hey everyone!!! Well I should probably introduce myself... Hmm... My name is Patrycja and I am emo xD. I don't really like to talk about myself so that should be enough xD I know my gallery is empty but I have been suffering from a broken camera lately ;/ I finally got a new one and will soon upload some of my photographs to show you who I really am. *_*